Add depth to your sound, effortlessly.

Effortlessly add depth to your voice and instruments with FAST Verb, making for a more natural sound, in a matter of seconds. FAST Verb’s AI smart:engine will find you the right reverb for your audio enabling you to get that studio quality sound quickly with options to tailor the sound to your track’s mood. Choose between different reverb flavours, each with their own characteristics, to craft your own unique sound. Access creative tools such as Freeze and Bounce to get inspired, all whilst staying in the creative flow.

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Powered by AI, trained by the real world.

AI-powered smart:engine by Sonible removes the time spent endlessly adjusting settings, catering reverb to the unique characteristics of your audio. Give a sense of space in your mix straight away with Learn functionality which analyses your audio to select the right settings. Select from a range of instrument profiles such as voice, drums, and guitar — and let the AI do the heavy lifting for you so you can spend more time making music. FAST Verb’s AI is trained on over half a million real samples, so you’ll never need to use presets again.

Choose your vibe. Instantly.

With FAST Verb, smart:engine applies the right reverb to your audio using Instrument Profiles, so you can stay in the creative flow and capture the mood of your track. Add character to your sound in milliseconds with three different Flavour presets: Natural, Balanced and Artificial. Whether you’re looking to make your vocals sound intimate and natural or to place your guitar in an artificial space for an unworldly riff, FAST Verb can help you quickly achieve the sound you want. Hear FAST Verb in action below.

Visualised. Controlled.

FAST Verb’s Particle Visualiser gives you a unique graphic visualisation of the reverb, so you can quickly understand what is happening with your audio, which reflects your changes in real-time. Craft your sound by accessing more settings via Detail View enabling you to dive deeper with Colour, Clarity, Modulation, Mono-Bass, and Hi-Pass. Tweak time and space controls and get inspired with FX such as Freeze and Reverse to put your own stamp on things.

New to reverb?

Reverb occurs around us naturally. It’s the result of a sound hitting a surface and the reflections being heard back at varying times. It’s a great tool in music production for placing your voice and instruments in a space at the comfort of your computer when making music. Place your voice in a physical space — such as a hall or venue — with Natural reverb. Alternatively, put your instruments in a space out of this world with Artificial. FAST Verb gives you full control of the strength or subtleness of your sound with various settings and creative FX.

Hear it in action

Listen to audio examples of FAST Verb, taken from Frankie Beetlestone's, TIL 4

Other FAST plugins

Alongside FAST Verb are three other AI-powered software tools. FAST Compressor lets you perfect your mix; FAST Equaliser lets you balance your sounds, effortlessly; FAST Reveal is an intuitive ducker that helps to give your sounds space, effortlessly. All the FAST tools feature intuitive controls that adapt to your needs; simple for beginners and flexible enough for the most experienced creators. Buy all of the FAST plugins in one easy package — FAST Bundle.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Mac: OSX 10.12+

RAM: at least 4 GB (recommended)

CPU: at least intel DualCore i5 (recommended)

GPU: OpenGL Support

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