Give your sounds space, effortlessly

FAST Reveal creates space between two tracks competing for attention in your mix, so you can focus on staying creative. It provides the clarity you need to make your mixes shine, by balancing foreground and background signals automatically.

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Ducking: the FAST Way

This essential mixing tool brings out the best of your audio, by balancing two signals competing in the same frequency range. It reveals the frequency of the track in the foreground by ducking the track in the background, whenever there are clashes in the frequency spectrum.

Powered by AI

The AI-powered smart:engine by Sonible learns the profile of your sound sources, then automatically processes your background (main) signal where it masks the foreground (sidechain) signal.

Advanced visualiser

FAST view provides a single-fader ducking control. Detailed view provides deep control over individual parameters. The adaptive history Visualiser responds to parameter changes in real time, to show how your settings influence the background/foreground balance.

Background vs foreground

FAST Reveal works quickly to tackle mixing jobs that can break your creative focus. Insert the plug-in on your background sound, then select your foreground sound (e.g. a vocal or lead instrument) as the sidechain. FAST Reveal does the rest, giving you the clearest, most transparent balance.

Hear it in action

Listen to audio examples of FAST Reveal processing different signals.

Other FAST plug-ins

Alongside FAST Reveal are three other AI-powered plugins in the FAST range. FAST Compressor lets perfect your mix, effortlessly; FAST Equaliser lets you find the sweet spot, quickly; FAST Verb lets you add depth to your mix in an instant. All the FAST tools feature intuitive controls that adapt to your needs; simple for beginners and flexible enough for the most experienced creators. Buy all of the FAST plug-ins in one easy package — FAST Bundle.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Mac: OSX 10.12+

RAM: at least 4 GB (recommended)

CPU: at least intel DualCore i5 (recommended)

GPU: OpenGL Support

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