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Save with the FAST Bundle, including FAST Equaliser, FAST Compressor, FAST Reveal and FAST Verb. It’s time to discover your sound with these intuitive, AI driven plug-ins.Show me the FAST Bundle

Add depth to your sound, effortlessly

Need to add some depth in your song? FAST Verb’s AI will fill your mixes with the right reverb and place your instruments in a realistic or unworldly space.Show me FAST Verb

Sculpt your sounds, effortlessly

Ever get stuck placing sounds in your mix? FAST Equaliser automatically tailors the EQ curve so you can sound your best. Show me FAST Equaliser

Perfect your mix, effortlessly

Spending too much time tweaking your compressor? FAST Compressor dials in optimal settings so you can stay in the zone.Show me FAST Compressor

Give your sounds space, effortlessly

Having trouble balancing competing sounds? FAST Reveal provides the clarity you need to make your mixes shine. Show me FAST Reveal

Refine and release, effortlessly

Get your tracks ready to be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.Show me FAST Limiter