Sculpt your sounds, effortlessly.

FAST Equaliser makes mixing your sounds quick and easy, so you can stay focussed on music creation. The AI-powered smart:engine analyses your audio and automatically adds EQ filters, to help you tweak and finesse, so your audio fits perfectly in the mix.

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EQ: the FAST way

FAST Equaliser locates the active sweet spots in your audio and gives you tailored controls to sculpt the tone and fit sounds perfectly in the mix. It automatically finds the right EQ curve for your audio within seconds, so you can make adjustments that bring out the best in your sound, and keep moving.

Powered by AI

The AI-powered smart:engine by Sonible takes the time-consuming element of adjusting your EQ curve off your hands. Choose a profile, begin the learning process, then use the customised filter curve and Flavour Sliders to place sounds perfectly in the mix.

Advanced visualiser

FAST View provides the customised controls you need to quickly adjust the tonality of your sounds. Detailed View provides deep control over individual parameters. The adaptive history Visualiser responds to parameter changes in real-time, to show how your settings influence the audio signal.

Choose your flavour

FAST mode creates up to six Flavour Sliders at active frequencies in the source audio, so you can breathe life into your sounds without needing to manually sweep the EQ curve. Three Flavour Buttons allow you to choose a Warm, Neutral or Bright tonal character for quick sonic tweaks.

Hear it in action

Listen to audio examples of FAST Equaliser processing different signals.

Other FAST plugins

Alongside FAST Equaliser are three other AI-powered plugins in the range. FAST Compressor lets you perfect your mix, effortlessly; FAST Reveal is an intuitive ducker that helps to give your sounds space; FAST Verb lets you add depth to your mix in an instant. All the FAST tools feature intuitive controls that adapt to your needs; simple for beginners and flexible enough for the most experienced creators. Buy all of the FAST plugins in one easy package — FAST Bundle.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Mac: OSX 10.12+

RAM: at least 4 GB (recommended)

CPU: at least intel DualCore i5 (recommended)

GPU: OpenGL Support

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