Collective Plug-ins

FAST Bundle

The ultimate collection of FAST tools all in one simple bundle. Take full advantage of the power of AI to easily control your sound and keep you in your creative flow.

This bundle includes the Limiter, Compressor, Equaliser, Reveal and Verb plug-ins.

FAST Limiter

FAST Limiter helps you perfect your tracks and create release-ready music for Spotify and Apple Music. Sound like your favourite artists with Reference Mastering functionality and use the graphic visualiser to make well-informed decisions with your mastering.


FAST Verb allows you to get great sounding, instant results so you’re not taken away from the creative flow. Beautiful graphic visualisation shows particles bouncing in all directions symbolising the character of the reverb so you see what is happening with your audio.

FAST Reveal

FAST Reveal creates space between two tracks competing for attention in your mix, so you can focus on staying creative. It provides the clarity you need to make your mixes shine, by balancing foreground and background signals automatically.

FAST Compressor

FAST Compressor is designed to maintain control over dynamics and help your sounds fit in the mix, while keeping you in the zone. It automatically tailors the compression settings to your material in seconds, so you can make adjustments quickly, and never miss an idea.

FAST Equaliser

FAST Equaliser locates the active sweet spots in your audio and gives you tailored controls to sculpt the tone and fit sounds perfectly in the mix. It automatically finds the right EQ curve for your audio within seconds, so you can make adjustments that bring out the best in your sound, and keep moving.