FAST Track with Kristan Dawson


We caught up with lead guitarist of metalcore band Bury Tomorrow, Kristan Dawson, to explore how FAST plug-ins have enabled him to get demos sounding slick and over the final hurdle of mixing.

Kristan starts his idea with guitar in hand — after all, “riffs reign supreme” — creating the foundation for his track where layers and other instruments accompany the main motif.

“These plug-ins have really changed the way I’m able to write and utilise inspiration.”

Once the main riff is down, and some tidying of the MIDI drums in Logic Pro to complement the guitar's rhythm, bass guitar is the final element to complete the idea. It’s in a good state as a musical piece, and the next step is mixing.

When it comes to the mixing stage, Kristan proclaims, “Now is where I usually find it very daunting, thinking about getting over the line.” However, FAST Compressor and FAST Equaliser enable him to push forward with this part of the process.

“This is where FAST Compression and FAST Equaliser come in, it just alleviates intimidation and just really puts me at ease when it comes to this stage of the process.”

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