FAST Track with Oscar Jerome


We met with Oscar Jerome — the multi-instrumentalist and jazz/funk inspired singer-songwriter — to talk how FAST is the perfect fit for him when making music and jamming with other musicians.

Oscar Jerome gets in the creative flow and stays there — crafting his beat on the fly and utilising FAST plug-ins to get studio quality audio instantly.

Starting from chords on guitar where Oscar feels the mood and emotion of the song are set, FAST Verb is the first tool set to the task of setting the vibe. The effect adds ambiance, controlling the high-pass keeps the characteristics and natural warmth in the low end of the instrument intact.

FAST Reveal fixes the low-end clashes in the mix between the kick and bass guitar — a common use case for the plug-in and for the instrumentation, since they sit in the same frequency range. This allows the foreground signal to have clarity, not being masked by the other instrument, in this case it’s the bass guitar.

“Using FAST Verb — especially if I was in a session with another musician, and we’re bouncing off each other, getting ideas down, and I don’t want that flow to be messed with — it’ll be really great to put it on, have it listen to what we’ve done and then move on to the next thing”

When it comes to mixing vocals, Oscar Jerome uses multiple FAST plug-ins. FAST Verb allows Oscar to fill the space in the mix and make the vocals feel intimate in the track by tailoring the width and reducing the amount of effect, bringing them closer with the position adjustments.

The use of AI learning means the FAST Compressor and FAST Equaliser work quickly to provide the sound Oscar desires — balancing dynamics and fine-tuning frequencies, respectively.

The FAST range has been designed to keep you in the creative flow, so you can focus on making music. The powerful AI will adapt the settings to your audio and instruments so that you can achieve great sounding results, instantly. Create today with FAST Bundle and get access to FAST Compressor, FAST Equaliser, FAST Reveal, and FAST Verb.

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